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Concrete Construction

Working in all areas of the construction industry for over 42 years has allowed us to gain the experience required to make your project run smoothly and efficiently. With high attention to detail we have completed many projects in various sectors of the building industry.

We specialize in both the traditional forming and ICF forming methods, and have used both in various construction genres including agricultural barn building and round tanks, residential subdivisions, custom homes, architectural high end concrete walls, multi storey residential and both small and large scale commercial projects.

We are also equipped to handle all of your flatwork needs including basement floors, driveways, large floor areas for commercial buildings, and elevated structural slabs.

Traditional Concrete Forming

For its proven versatility and flexibility in various job applications traditional forming is still chosen by many builders today. Whether it be plywood forming, gang forming, or steel ply forming it is all very similar in how it works.

You use both an inside and an outside form which help to hold the walls shape while the concrete is placed. Metal ties are then used to hold the forms at a specific dimension apart, this also holds the forms together while the concrete is placed.

By using traditional forming you have several options when it comes to the finished face of the concrete, liners can be fastened onto the face of the forms so that when the form is removed you are left with a specific design or pattern.

By using different forming systems we are able to meet any design specification that you are thinking of. In some cases rather than hiding the concrete walls, some choose to leave the walls visible and showcase them, using an alternative forming method we can provide a seamless glass like appearance on the face of the wall.

ICF Forming

In 1987 John became interested and started building with a new method of forming that was starting to be used throughout the United States. This new method of forming is referred to as ICF (Insulated Concrete Forming). ICF uses the same principles as traditional forming although it is quite different.

On an ICF form you have an inside and an outside form just as you would with traditional forming however both your inside and outside form are now made out of Styrofoam rather than plywood or steel. The Styrofoam is held in place by plastic ties which also act as studs for drywall or other covering applications.

In 2000 John started forming using a new type of ICF known as NUDURA. NUDURA is manufactured in Barrie, Ontario and thanks to its design we are able to use it to form both quickly and accurately in nearly any forming application.

NUDURA consists of 2 5/8" of EPS (Expanded Polystrene Foam) which provides many benefits to the finished user. Buildings constructed using NUDURA are up to 2X more energy efficient resulting in lower heating and cooling costs for your building.

These buildings are also up to 3X more resistant to sound, whether that be noisy neighbours or a howling wind, don’t let it steal the peace and quiet you deserve. NUDURA has also been proven to be up to 4X more resistant to fire penetration which gives you the peace of mind knowing that you are protected.

NUDURA also has been proven to be rated 9X more durable in storm and wind resistance tests and have been able to withstand up to 250mph winds. Whether you are building an addition onto your home or a highrise structure please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss which forming system will work best for you.